Guest Lecturers

As part of the MFI curriculum industry professionals are invited into the classroom to deliver guest lectures. Here is a sample of those who have participated in the program so far and their talk titles.

JennyDingBMOCapital Management for Modern Commercial Banks
SumeetGoelaTD InsuranceRegulatory Capital in the Canadian Life Insurance Industry
DaniGoraichyOPSEUPension Funding and Valuation
TedGuoOTPPCredit Derivatives
PaulKimBMOPension Funding and Valuation
ChristinaLeeBerkshire HathawayVariable Annuities and Associated Risks
RomanNaryshkinManulifeValue-at-Risk and Its Applications
VirgileRostandCoinsquareCrypto Currencies
PhilippeTrahanOTPPEquity-Linked Insurance
LeiWanHighstreet InvestmentSystematic Quantitative Trading
JonesWuGGY/Moody'sCapital Modelling and Risk Management